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About Viking Design
Viking Design has the resources to do the job right, and can take your project from concept to delivery with the skill to develop and consistently maintain your company's brand.


Graphic Designer Doug Knutsen

Viking Design LLC was founded early in 2009 by graphic designer Doug Knutsen to better accommodate one large client. He quickly realized its potential for helping smaller businesses as well, and began reaching out to the community.

As a designer, Doug's ability to see the "big picture" behind a project sets him apart from the crowd. He's dedicated to creating custom work that is well-informed and consistent. He believes that well-designed work should have a clear purpose, be based on a solid strategy, and most importantly, do what it is supposed to do. Doug's strengths are in creating larger campaigns with integrated components that work together — more like a machine than a single thought.

He has a formal education in design with Adobe software, a degree in graphic design and an extensive background in fine arts, as well as architecture and engineering. He's been a part of fast-paced, corporate teams and done a great deal of work with small business owners.

Doug has a passion to create inspired and successful work for clients, helping their businesses to become inspired and successful themselves.


  Graphic Designer Doug Knutsen
photography by Don Chick
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